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“Aposto’s perspective is progressive, not purist….KL’s equivalent of a trend-setting Tuscan eatery that knows its heritage but looks to the future, this is one of 2022’s best new restaurants.”

“Helmed by Chef Chu Wei Sin, the menu has been curated to include premium ingredients and a dedication to flavour and detail, where everything is made from scratch.”

“It’s all about laidback vibes and honest food here; it’s hard not to love what Chef Chu has envisioned and ultimately realised for many Malaysians to enjoy and share with their loved ones. Well, you’ve heard of the farm to table concept, consider this passion to plate!”

“Aposto is Italian for ‘it’s all good’. And trust me, it is all good.”

“Cooked with fresh, premium, imported ingredients, diners can expect a mouth-watering experience, from appetisers to mains and desserts.”